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Habakuky Paradise and Farm
Donavalli, Slovakia
Children's farm
16 ha.
Donavalli, Slovakia

Habakuky is located in Donawali, a famous ski resort in Slovakia. The project is surrounded by a large ecological pastoral farm, with a total land area of 16 hectares. It is the world's first non-material cultural heritage village town and research base project with tribal culture as the theme. The project concentrates the folk stories and tribal customs of Snovac, including the ecological farm, sports base, magic house, gift shop, and performance center, Flavor catering and children's research and education base.


The design concept of the project is composed of traditional fables and scenic spots in Slovakia. It skillfully integrates local cultural elements and familiar mythical characters, and reconstructs the shell castle, magic house, and the amphitheater and natural classroom research base that can accommodate about 200 people. Featured attractions of the project include visiting Fairy Tale Village, Zvon č ek á r artists' works exhibition, and creative workshop Negram ľ o š、 Svetoz á r Stra č in Museum, climbing frame, ball stadium, Kurn í k souvenir shop and large outdoor farm.