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We are an international "cultural, business and tourism" industry chain, integrating planning+design+operation (transformation); We also pursue a team of thinkers and practitioners who believe that "creativity is the king and landing is the foundation".

George Carlson (GC), it is a world leading planning design, architecture design and interior design company for tourism destination, theme park, scene commercial, hotel and resort field. GC started from 1973, combined by George Carlson (UK) and Carlson Tour, head quarter based in Hongkong and Manchester. As a international strategy + design +operation service company, carrying the intention to re-design the development trend in Asia-Pacific, GC has become one of the most influential company regionally. No matter it is in the past or future, GC has always been innovating in tourism field, carrying the [Innovation +]spirit and take action for it. Our team conclude tourism designer, architect, theme park designer, landscape designer, interior designer, Economic analyst and operation experts etc. We believe in " creativity, culture implantation and partialness", these elaborate our design philosophy. Gathering talented designers from different fields, using Cross Pollination to achieve innovation, and step forward.


1700 Cases


19 Regions


49 Years History


4 Studios
Cross Pollination, Gather wisdom

We highly respect different culture and social differences, and we are fascinated about it. Fabulous designers from different fields, by applying Cross Pollination to realise inovation. We care about communication inside the team, getting rid of individualism, using potential from each one to integrated into one which means, in GC, each work is made of collective wisdom.

Critical self-development
We develop with partners and clients, we accept critical thinking, sharing knowledge, using new solution to tackle challenge. creativity and critical thinking is the foundation of GC and that is what makes us outstanding.
There is no impossible in GC's dictionary
We believe in collective wisdom and team innovation, our team embrace challenge and stay positive, there is no impossible in GC's dictionary, our motivation come from our passion about design, no matter it is in the past or future, GC has always been innovating in tourism field, carrying the Innovation + spirit and take action for it.

At GC, interdisciplinary teams full of ideas in various fields gather together to achieve innovation and lead and inspire industrial change through "cross pollination, critical thinking, and dialectical rules"!

John Cheung
Senior Director
Dariush Rezai
Senior Director
Scott Herrick
Design Director
Edward Shim
Art Director
Robert Thomas
Operation Director
Sejal Sonani
Chief Architect
Edward Stand
Project Director
Debra Cole
Administrative Director

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