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In the GC family, we have been waiting for the unique you. This is a place of practice for dream making and innovation, a career stage and a second home for dreamers.

At GC, we have been waiting for the unique you. This is a place for dreams and innovation. We uphold the corporate philosophy of "symbiosis and mutual growth, cross pollination", and are the career stage and second home of all colleagues. We firmly believe that talents are the driving force of GC's innovation. We welcome designers who share the same ideas and are full of imaginations to join our family.

Desire of challenge and innovation

In George Carlson,  We all have a desire. We want to challenge colleagues and clients, challenge various kind of mission impossible. This core value helps us stay leading in the field.

Second home culture

In George Carlson, We connect everybody by all kind of team building activities, travels, birthday parties and training events. You can work with colleagues who come from different backgrounds, ages, skills and nationalities. You can learn with them, gain what you need, becomes who you want to be.

Future partner

In George Carlson,  We have talents training, promotion opportunities, bonus plan and share plan, to offer a fair motivated platform. GC believes the skillful will always have two tasks, the more you contribute the more you gain. Whoever devote can be the future partner.

We are a 49 year old studio, a team that relies on inclusive, diverse perspectives and creative thinking.

Senior Tourism Planner - Hongkong


Bachelor degree or above in Tourism design or other relative disciplines earned in key universities. 

Skilled in planning and relevant operations; can play a key role in planning for large-scale projects. 

Minimum of 8 years’ work experience in Tourism design or architecture; familiar with national codes and standards. 

Good communication skills; experienced in project management. 

Strong leadership and coordination skills. 

Candidates with overseas working or studying experience.

Senior translator


1, Assist the director to follow up the project matters, daily work, and transaction time travel arrangement.

2. Assist The foreign designers, in the process of project report and communicate with party a.Responsible for the project report, project coordination meeting and responsible for meeting the simultaneous interpretation.

3, Between the design project information and project director, director of foreign design and communication, tracking and management of the Marketing Department.

4, Other translation issues inside the company.

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Senior HR Director(Head Office)
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