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Hobbit Resort Complex New Zealand
Matamata, New Zealand
Ecological Resort
120 ha.
Matamata, New Zealand
Woodlyn Park

The ecological pastoral complex of Hobbit Village is located in Matamata Town, North Island, New Zealand, and is part of the woodlyn park. The project is popular around the world relying on Tolkien's literary and television works such as "Shire County", the hometown of halflings, and the movies "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit". The total land area of the project is 120 hectares, including 12 acres (about 4.85 hectares) of film shooting core scenic area. The scenic spot reproduces the 44 most famous hobbit caves and supporting super large pastoral ecological complexes in the hobbit village of "Shire County", including organic farms, green dragon hotels, home stays, pastures and pet parks.


The tour includes walking through caves, visiting the Green Dragon Hotel, the mill and the magnificent banquet tree, the endless Star Ranch, the Hobbit Museum, the special experience of the Hobbit Lodge and the ecological market, the outdoor camp and the nature classroom. The scenic spot also includes interactive featured programs such as night tours. Tourists can walk along the winding path of Shire County through the brightly lit Hobbitun under the moonlight, and experience an unforgettable adventure in the curling smoke of Hobbit cave chimneys.