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We have a deep insight into the future value pursued by the market and the new culture and tourism ecology, and we have put the intangible blueprint into practice from the "burst creation".

George Carlson provide a systematic positioning consulting, planning design, architecture design, landscape design, interior design and operation consulting on tourism scenic place, tourism town, theme park, hotel, resort, scene commercial and health care destination etc projects. we understand the future value that clients are seeking for, start from innovating, we realize it from blue print. GC's core value is "design the future tourism and entertainment mode", this is our belief. We know that innovation and partialness can meet, and that offers us the essence of new design.

Tourism Planning and Master Plan

GC has long accumulated experience in overall planning and feasibility study of tourism projects. Our top-level planning is based on refined customer base and target market positioning, innovative business type and product line combination strategy. Our projects focus on "destination", including tourist attractions, urban renewal and industrial towns, immersive commercial complexes, tourist resorts and health projects.

Our project planning starts from the top-level strategy and profitability analysis, including the overall positioning of the project, theme design, regional and market research, customer group portfolio, project function portfolio and proportion, business type and product strategy, phased development timing, investment analysis and feasibility evaluation, etc., and is closely combined with conceptual planning to guide the relationship between project design and plane function, so as to improve the investment value and feasibility of the project.

We believe that the goal of the overall planning is to envision a workable future and blueprint. The combination of planning and design can make this goal more practical. GC provides all-round services in various fields, including overall conceptual planning, detailed planning, urban design and scenic area design, on the basis of top-level planning. Our integrated planning and design services can simultaneously solve the problem from creativity to implementation, which makes our market research and planning services more valuable.

Architectural Design and Interior Design

Tourism and hotel architectural design are the core business segments of GC. Innovation is the soul of architectural design, which encourages new insight and continuous transcendence and breakthrough. GC always applies the originality and practicality of the project to the soul of architectural creation. We believe that each design work will be the only one with unique design symbols and original elements.

The architecture we designed will represent a sustainable destination, and at the same time, it will bring together the experience, urban reception hall or cultural entertainment compound attributes. More importantly, it represents the form of cultural added value and future architectural ecology. Our architectural design types include traditional historical and cultural blocks, industrial towns (commercial streets), theme hotels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, immersive commercial complexes, large theaters (museums and exhibition halls), etc. Under the framework of cultural implantation and practical principles, we provide the whole process services from conceptual design, scheme design to architectural deepening design.

We also provide one-stop services in hotels, museums, villa model rooms, immersion shopping centers and various architectural interior design fields. Through the design of experiential scene space, enrich and transform people's lives. We hope to create a space that resonates with our life, culture and entertainment forms. We seek to create a lasting and memorable place, which covers local culture, form, aesthetics and sensitive regional climate, location, folk custom and trend demand. Finally, we will bring more value and sustainable destination works to the project as a whole through interior design.

Theme Park Design and Equipment Consultant

Since its inception, theme park design and commercial space entertainment design have always been GC's most important business expertise. Based on our joint German CARLSON TOUR theme park team, let us always become the industry leader and market leader in the global theme park design field.

Under the general trend of industrial upgrading, we have injected IP elements and entertainment elements into standard theme parks and commercial complex building sites, making traditional business tourism and diversification. We have designed shopping centers, indoor amusement parks, children's parks, theme hotels and tourism products in a shared way. It will integrate traditional business and entertainment functions, become a multi-dimensional all-weather leisure and entertainment destination, and enable the project to have a more unique sense of cultural experience and richer elements of participatory interaction.

Our design services include theme story line creation, recreation zoning and positioning, story design, business combination, interior space design, theme hotel design, recreation equipment selection, etc. Our method is to combine theme story lines and amusement equipment through creativity, destination rules and creativity, and create fun themed entertainment places for the project through customized and landing equipment consultants.

Project upgrading and operation consultant

In the context of tourism industry transformation and upgrading and iteration of existing projects, GC has been committed to the upgrading and reconstruction of old scenic spots, industrial plants, cultural and tourism complexes, shopping malls, hotels, theme parks and urban renewal projects, making overall packaging planning for old projects using trendy concepts, operation models and asset light strategies, and upgrading and updating products through IP creation, precise operation or activity planning, Revitalize the existing buildings, equipment functions and scene space, increase the proportion of secondary consumption, and inject new hot spots and sustainable flow into the project.

At the same time, we provide all-round project operation consulting services, including operation architecture design, post process improvement and sorting, pre opening guidance and resource integration. GC relies on the international advanced tourism industry chain resources and experience, injects forward-looking ideas and operating profit models into the project, and provides one-stop services from operation planning, consulting, training, investment promotion and project management.


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