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SHA Health Center and Villa Club
Lingshui, China
Health Club
2,400 sq.m.
Lingshui, China
MGM Investment

SHA Health Center is a demonstration project in the start-up area of Hainan Xinxianggu Health Resort. The luxury convalescent resort chain brand introduced from Spain has a total construction area of 2400 square meters. It is committed to providing international convalescent holiday packages for global elite customers to detoxify, exercise, relieve stress, reduce weight, restore vitality and help solve the integrated sleep treatment. The project design fully considers the integration with ecological nature, It has become a slow living and healthy holiday resort in Hainan.


Hainan Xinxianggu Health Resort is located in Diaoluoshan National Forest Park, Lingshui County, Hainan Province, with a total land area of 4 square kilometers and a start-up area of 45 hectares. Relying on the unique natural, ecological and cultural attributes of the region, the project extends a complete agricultural and health resort industry chain with the main axis of "returning to experience", and creates a diversified product portfolio around mountain health, e-commerce, and health resort. It is the pulse of Hainan's agricultural health tourism, an immersive experience place for high-end health resort, and a demonstration area for Li Nong cultural scene tourism in China.